Our Pre-Treatment is used in place of a Primer. It is a pre-processing step to prep the natural lashes for eyelash extensions. It cleans the lashes, with out drying them out!

It is used to remove excess oils/protein on the natural eye lashes. The pre-treatment differs from a primer because it actually opens the cuticle. This allows for a better, stronger bond with the adhesive.

Use with a micro-swab and apply from the base to the outer tip of the lashes. Make sure lashes are completely dry before applying extensions

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1. Apply a pump on the back of your hand or a half pump directly on the eyelids. If your clients are doing this themselves they will need to do one eye at a time.
2. Using a new brush for each client, work the foam cleanser into the lash line and all around the eyelid. Use gentle back and forth motions and small circular movements to get a deep clean!
3. If you are performing this as a service on your clients, have your client tilt their head to the side with a tissue to catch the run off and rinse each eye with mineral free water. If your clients are doing it themselves, leaning over a sink rinse the lashes or clean the brush of any foam and brush water through the lashes until all the cleanser is rinsed.
4. Pat and fan dry! Pat the eye to absorb excess water and fan dry to ensure those lashes are dry.