Eyelash extensions can be totally customized to meet our clients’ needs and wants. In a previous post we shared the different natural eye shapes (found here). But, in this styling 101 post we are sharing the different ways to style eyelash extensions. Knowing the different styles and designs will allow us to style our clients’ eyes to reach their desired look and give our clients’ the most flattering design for their natural eye shape.

Cat Eye

A cat eye design uses short lengths in the inner corners and blends up to the longest length on the outer corner of the eye. This style give a slimming effect to the eye and pulls open the eye. But be aware, if the lash line is overloaded it can cause drooping. The cat eye is flattering and corrective on close set eyes and down turned eyes.


Like the natural growth pattern of our lashes, A natural style has the shortest lengths in the inner corner, blended to the longest length in the center of the eye, and tapered back down to the medium length on the outer corner. This style is flattering for almost all eye shapes so when in doubt this is a great default design!


DRAMA! a dramatic eye deign starts with the shortest length in the inner corner and blends quickly to the longest length that covers the majority of the eye. This look is intended to be very bold and beautiful, but it can crowd the lash line and does not look good on every eye shape.


This is a great option for someone looking for boldness and length because glamour style is a good mix between natural and dramatic. With the shortest lengths in the inner corner, then blended up to the longest length in the center, and blended down to the medium length on the outer corner. Glamour requires extra blending compared to a natural design. Although upturned eyes can look great with any curl, a dramatic design will widen and open the eye. With wide set eyes, glamour application will make the eyes appear closer together.


A textured design has intermixed lengths.  It can be applied to the other design options by alternating lengths back and forth within the style parameters. An example of a natural textured design would be, 8-10-11-12-11-12-13-12-11mm.


The Kardashian style is a dramatic design with texture. Another description would include “spikey” or “piecey.” 

Kourtnie Warden