One of things that makes eyelash extensions amazing is that they can be totally customized. There are a lot of ways to style an eye to be custom for your client’s needs ands wants. The first thing that I factor in is the natural shape of the eye. Knowing what qualities make up each different eye shape will make this step a lot easier. In today’s styling post I am breaking down each natural eye shape!

Close Set
Close set eyes are less than one eyeball width apart. Measure the width of one eyeball and then compare that measurement to the space between their eyes.

Down Turned
Down turned eyes have a natural drooping at the outer corner.

Upturned or almond shaped eyes have a natural lift on the outer corner. These eyes tend to be slightly narrow and have little space between the lid and the brow bone.

Wide Set
Wide set eyes are more than one eyeball width apart.

Deep Set
Deep set eyes are located deeper within the eye socket than others. It will appear as a more prominent brow bone.

Hooded Lids
Hooded eye lids have an extra layer of skin which creates a droop over the crease. Hooded eyes cause the lid to appear smaller.

Monolid or single lidded eyes have a flat lid and very little crease, if any. Monolid eye shaped will have a less defined brow bone.

Protruding eyes have the appearance of projected lids in the socket area. Protruding eyes tend to be larger and round.

And there you have it, all the different natural eye shapes! I love referencing this information before a new client consultation so I can quickly determine their natural eye shape.  We will later go into detail on which lashes are most flattering for each eye shape. Stay tuned, lashers! 

Kourtnie Warden