What is a lash diameter and why is it important? The diameter of a lash extension is the width or thickness of a single lash. The diameter is measured in millimeters and here at Lash Essential our thicknesses range from .03-.20. Understanding lash diameters will allow you to keep your client’s lashes healthy by not weighing down their natural lash and it will teach you how many lashes to put in one fan. Thinner diameters weigh less than thicker diameters. When it comes to volume lashing, the lighter the lash--the bigger the fan possibilities.
It’s important to know the weight of lashes by their thicknesses. It can be easy to think that two .10 lashes would have the same weight as one .20 lash but that is not how weight works. Below I have listed the weight of each lash thickness. I love referencing this information when considering my client’s lash health and comparing different fan dimensions.
these weights are from a 12mm length eyelash extension
.03 diameter.0003 mg.05 diameter.0006 mg.07 diameter.0010 mg.10 diameter.0015 mg.15 diameter.0029 mg.20 diameter.0051 mg2D .10 diameter.0030 mg3D .10 diameter.0045 mg3D .07 diameter.0030 mg4D .07 diameter.0040 mg5D .07 diameter.0050 mg4D .03 diameter.0012 mg4D .05 diameter.0200 mg5D .03 diameter.0015 mg5D .05 diameter.0025 mg6D .03 diameter.0018 mg6D .05 diameter.0030 mg

Kourtnie Warden