Lash Extentions Inventory Lash Kits


If you’re a new artist, a seasoned artist wanting to try new products, or just restocking your inventory a kit is a great option! Our kits are bundled to give you a great price and makes getting everything you need easy. There are 3 kit options including Classic, Volume, and Essential. I am going to breakdown each kit so you know exactly what you’ll get.
The Classic Kit
Everything you need to do classic lashes is in this kit. Everything comes in a storage kit that is great for transportation or storage. If you are also attending our classic training a manual is included.
6 mixed length eyelash trays including C & D curls and .15,.18, and .20 diameters.
One set of tweezers for isolating and placing.
5 pairs of gel pads
Paper tape
Crystal Plate
10 wands
20 micro-swabs
10ml Premium adhesive
The Volume Kit
Everything you need to take the leap from classic to volume is in this kit. The volume kit also comes in a portable storage kit and comes with a manual if your attending a training.
4 mixed length eyelash trays including C & D curls and .07 and .10 diameter.
5 pairs of gel pads
2 tweezers
Paper tape
10 wands
20 micro-swabs
10ml Pro adhesive
The Essentials Kit
This kit is great for first time Lash Essential users or someone needing a good restock. This kit is awesome because it is $95.00 worth of product for only $80.00. You can tailor the kit for classic or volume AND you get to choose between 3 different adhesives. The best part? This kit comes in the cutest carrying bag!
1 mixed length tray in C curl in .07 or .18 diameter
A choice between Premium, Pro, or Elite adhesive
5 packs of gel pads
1 set of tweezers either volume or classic
Buying your products in a kit will give you a good taste of our products and you’ll waste no time wondering what you do or don’t need!