Aftercare, Aftercare, Aftercare!

If there is one thing that we as lash artists drill into our client’s heads it’s aftercare! We say, “Aftercare is so important.” “Your lashes will last longer with proper aftercare.”, or “Don’t forget your aftercare routine.” But, what exactly do we mean when we say, “Aftercare?”  Here is a breakdown of all things after care! It’s a great reminder to clients and maybe you’ll be able to add a new step to your recommendations.

The 24 Hour Rule
Even with proper nano-misting, I recommend avoiding moisture or steam for the first 24 hour after application. This allows the extensions to properly set.

No Itching, Rubbing, or Pulling
Do not rub your eyes or extensions! I always make sure I emphasize this one to first time clients, because it can be a hard habit to create. Rubbing and itching will cause breakage to the natural lash. Do not pull at grown out or loose extensions because it can pull out the natural lash.

Curling No More
Tell your clients to toss their mascara curlers! Eyelash curlers are very harmful to eyelash extensions, they can bend or break them.

Never Mascara
While they are tossing their eyelash curler, add mascara to the trash list! Do not wear mascara over eyelash extensions UNLESS it is specifically made or eyelash extensions.

Avoid Oils
Avoid any and all oils around the eye. Remind your client’s to check ingredients in their makeup removers, lotions, sunscreens, etc. This also includes the oils in our hands and fingers.

Proper Drying
I prefer air drying or pat drying, but never pulling with a towel! Advise them to lightly pat dry while their eyes are closed.

Ideally, retail a lash wash to your clients! No matter what, it’s important to cleanse with an extension safe cleanser regularly to keep those lashes clean.

Grace Period
Remind your first time clients that synthetic eyelash extensions are stiffer and heavier than our natural lashes—It may feel different for a day or two! A tip for lash artists: If a client reaches out to me soon after their initial set with cosmetic concerns I like to let them “sleep on it” because it’s likely they are just getting used to their new look and feel.

Beauty Sleep
It’s hard to control what we do when we sleep, but if you can help it don’t sleep directly on your lashes.

Too Much Heat
Sometimes I forget about this one, and then I set fringed eyelashes and remember how true it is! Avoid direct heat such as flames, BBQ, or hot ovens. A bit of advice is to open the BBQ or oven just slightly to release the burst of heat.

Come Back Soon
To maintain lashes, fills are necessary. Remind your clients of your schedule and a recommendation of when they should come back.

I always give the aftercare rundown to all of my first timers, new full sets, and new-to-me clients. If your clients are returning with retention issues, damaged lashes, or build up it’s never a bad idea to remind them of what proper aftercare means. Now excuse me while I go cleanse my lashes--Happy Aftercare!  

Kourtnie Warden