We all know that maintaining eyelash extensions takes a lot of time (an hour or two twice a month)! That time can be a big commitment so it’s important that that time is enjoyable to keep our clients coming back. There’s a few things we can do as lash artists to enhance our client’s experiences. Some clients are looking for relaxation, some like to socialize, or some want to close their eyes and be woken up at the end. Whatever your client’s  preference the appointment should be a comfortable. Here’s a few tips to help set the lashing mood!

Amp up the Comfort
Whether you lash on a table or recliner, make it comfortable! Add pillows, blankets, extra cushions, or a bolster. I personally have a massage table in my space and I have all off the above added to it. My client’s rave about the foam mattress topper! As a lash client too, I can attest to a comfortable bed making all the difference.

Background Music
Curating playlists is one of my favorite pastimes and I especially love curating playlists for work. When choosing music for my clients I make sure that the songs are not explicit, the sound is relaxing, and it’s a song I don’t mind hearing on repeat. I do not like lashing in complete silence so this is a must for me! I try to keep my music constantly changing so that my client’s aren’t hearing the same playlists over and over again. Another tip is to ask your client what they would like to listen to!

Keep your work space at a comfortable temperature, if not a little warmer because our clients are lying still. If you cannot control the temperature or if you experience drastic seasons like me (Utah weather), then add some things that you can control. A space heater or extra blanket in the winter and a fan in the summer.

Fresh and Clean
This seems obvious but it packs a big punch. You know how when your house is freshly cleaned and everything feels better? It’s like that! Your clients will feel better if your space is extra clean. At the least, I deep clean weekly!

Cozy Elements
Making your space cozy can be as simple as adding a personal touch or a decorative element like a plant or mirror. Lucky for me, I work in a well designed salon so the cozy is already built in. But, I previously worked in a very small empty space that I spruced up with a mirror on the wall and a cute vase is all I had room for. I think if your space looks intentional it will reflect positively.

And those are my tips for setting the mood and creating a comfortable lash space! What did I miss? Let us know how you set the mood! 

Kourtnie Warden