Find your perfect match


Finding the adhesive that works best for you is a game changer. I have had my fair share of frustrating days—days when lashing  seems impossible all because I wasn’t using adhesive that worked for me. When choosing the right adhesive for you and your clients there are a few things to consider. What is the humidity like where you live and work? What kind of lifestyle do your clients have? How quickly do you apply lashes? Do you offer classic and volume?  We offer five different adhesives and I am here to break them down and help you pick the adhesive that is right for you. One of the most important things to remember is that each of our adhesives perform best in their recommended temperature and humidity level, if either is too high or too low your adhesive wont perform to its full potential.


Recommended for use in temperatures between 68-75 degrees and humidity between 30-65 percent. Elite is for advanced level lash artists because of its fast drying time. The bond time is great and works for a variety of clients and is great for classic and volume, but intended for volume! (My personal fav!)


Pro adhesive works best in temperatures between 68-75 degrees and has a very flexible humidity range between 30-75 percent. With a 3-5 second drying time this is great for advanced classic lash artists and beginner volume artists. Because of its thicker viscosity it helps prevent creating stems when learning volume lashes and adhesive control. I recommend this adhesive especially for your clients who are more active in their lifestyle.


This adhesive also works best between 68-75 degrees and 30-65 percent humidity. This adhesive has a thick viscosity and is intended for classic lashes only. This adhesive is perfect for a new lash artist or an artist that likes to have more working time because it has a 6 second drying time.


Gold is the adhesive with the largest range, working in temperatures between 68-75 degrees and 20-75 percent humidity. This is also our adhesive with the quickest drying time and should be used at an expert level. It sets in about 1 second! Gold works great for classic and volume. This adhesive comes in a 5ml bottle which is great for keeping glue fresh.


The Crystal adhesive is the newest adhesive in our line up. Like the gold  adhesive, crystal is for experts! It  works in temperatures between 68-72 degrees and 20-70% humidity. The biggest difference from our other adhesives is that it does not contain black pigment. This adhesive is clear! Lashers are loving the crystal adhesive because it contains one less ingredient for clients to have any sensitivities to.

When choosing an adhesive for the first time or if you are looking for a change I recommend trying at least two different types to compare. At the end of the day it comes down to what you like to work with. You might be an expert but prefer a slower drying time to make adjustments, or you prefer a thinner viscosity for volume lashes but thicker for classic. There are a lot of adhesives on the market and finding the right adhesive can be overwhelming—I hope this break down makes the decision easier! Happy Lashing!

Kourtnie Warden